Hormones And Looks

While researching the topic of wrinkles I come across all sorts of interesting information and such was this next article from The Independent.  Roger Dobson wrote about attraction and what really draws a couple together.

“A woman’s smile may not be all it seems when her zygomaticus major cheek muscle moves the upper lip upward and outward to produce that warm smile, it may be more than a friendly gesture—it could be a sign of hormones at work.”   The research suggests that progesterone is implicated in this example and it is some of the new research that shows the effect of hormones and the way we behave in the framework of romance and sexual relations to name a few.  Oestrogen which is produced in the ovaries, testes and placenta have different functions in men and women.  The new research states thatOestradiol, one of the oestrogens, also helps women to be more attractive to men, according to a Harvard study. Symmetrical-faced women, seen as more attractive by men, had a 21 per cent higher mid-cycle oestradiol level than asymmetrical women.  At other times, the difference was as high as 28 per cent.  “Our results suggest that, in women, symmetry is related to higher levels of oestradiol and, thus, higher potential fertility.  As a consequence, men attracted to more symmetrical women may achieve higher reproductive success,” the researchers say.”

If this is the case, then does this mean that nature’s symmetry is comparable to artificial symmetry, the one accomplished by means of plastic surgery?

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