About the Diary:

“The Diary of a Wrinkle” is a humorous story about Isla Lawson, a forty-something, single woman living in Venice, Beach, California, who’s feeling very unsatisfied with her life. However, once she discovers her first wrinkle, she’s thrown into a whirlwind of self-pity and bitterness. She’s too young to look old!

She’s surrounded by wrinkle-free people, all of whom are obsessed with self improvement which focuses solely on their appearance, something that becomes very clear to her the minute she notices her very first wrinkle.

In a desperate attempt to escape “plastic surgery hell,” Isla pours her emotions into a diary that slowly becomes her vehicle into the past. When she writes in her diary, she directs her confessionals to Stanley, a random name she’s picked, but for now Stanly is the man in her life who’s assumed the role of boyfriend/partner. She reminisces about family, friends, and a myriad of characters and experiences rich with cultural themes that take place in the countries she had lived in and traveled. Now Isla has a double life it seems, the one she escapes to when writing to Stanley, and the present, which remains complex and disappointing.

The plot continues to develop as we are held captive to Isla’s ongoing dilemma to either succumb to chasing after her youthful appearance or choosing to age with grace, and then meeting a man who will love her just the way she is. Isla’s dual quest for finding happiness within herself, as well as finding a man, is a parallel thread in her diary. We find out about her dating experiences; we also learn about the dysfunctional group of people who surround her, all of whom make it all the more difficult for Isla to turn a new leaf. Her everyday diary entries are filled with self-deprecating thoughts, doubts, and reflections that so many of us have experienced. Inevitably, the diverse experiences from her past emphasize how impossible it is to distance herself from her roots and she discovers that her current self-image is merely a state of mind. However, after all of her soul-searching does she maintain her happy state of mind? Does she find a man who loves her just the way she is?

The Diary of a Wrinkle  is a 96,900-word comical novel that is intended to expose the joyless existence of those of us who confuse happiness with good looks. The diary is a refreshing new approach to beauty and aging.


*Please be patient as my book goes though a cover change. Will release the new book in the weeks to come. Thank you.

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