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Dreading 50!

Certain things always catch my attention and such was the case with an article about Amanda Redman, published in the Mail Online. The caption read, “Amanda Redman says that she is dreading turning 50. Well, it’s a bit too late for that—as her 1957 birth certificate proves.” I never really heard of this woman before, but still, I wanted to know why she dreaded her 50s.  Read More

Hormones And Looks

While researching the topic of wrinkles I come across all sorts of interesting information and such was this next article from The Independent.  Roger Dobson wrote about attraction and what really draws a couple together.

“A woman’s smile may not be all it seems when her zygomaticus major cheek muscle moves the upper lip upward and outward to produce that warm smile, it may be more than a friendly gesture—it could be a sign of hormones at work.” Read More

Botox And The Chef

Earlier this summer an Australian television reporter caught Chef Gordon Ramsey by complete surprise when she asked whether his “refreshed looks” had anything to do with Botox treatment in America, and whether America did this to him. I could detect a little sarcasm in her voice when she asked the latter part of her question, and it was this particular part that caught my attention more than anything else. Read More

A Wrinkle-Making Experience

Generally, I tend to live my life without putting too much energy into trivial matters—at the end of the day it’s just not worth it, and I don’t need more wrinkles either. However, sometimes that philosophy doesn’t keep me from feeling anger and frustration towards certain people, or utility companies, or airline representatives. Read More

The Ugly Man

I was intrigued by an article written by Iain Aitch, for the Mail Online (I won’t apologize for not discriminating when it comes to my sources) about Stan Cattermole—a self-proclaimed ugly man. I logged onto his site, and found his posts so dismal and somber, but a candid and fascinating account of one man’s experience in the very one-dimensional, unkind world of dating. Apparently, Stan has suffered from this affliction his entire life and, sadly, he’s always been rejected and made fun of, because of his looks. Read More

Loving Your Age

italian movie star

Granny Gertrude was unafraid of death.

Aging is something that does not preoccupy us when we were young; kids, even teens look at their grandparents lovingly as though this is the way they’ve always been, that it’s their purpose and role in life. They never think that one day they too will grow old, never. However, when reaching their late 30s and certainly during their 40s, aging is something that does indeed hold everyone’s attention for the first time. Read More

The Hair Loss Debate and Coconut Oil


After using coconut oil.

Funny, just a couple of days ago I wrote about men’s aging issues, and baldness was one of the topics of discussion. This morning I read an interesting article about the loss of hair in both men and women in an article from the Haaretz newspaper, in Israel. It seems that hair loss is one of those nagging issues that scientist are eager to solve for once and for all. Read More

Wrinkle 101

Kids at home 8 Aug 04 013 (2)

We all have these types of photo, looking fresh faced and effortlessly young.

I don’t think that you have to be a narcissist if you are one of those people who notices when certain things about your appearance have changed. I’m not saying that looks are the most important things in life, absolutely not, but I do recognize that internal angst that we all go through, at some point during our life, because physical change as we age, is something that we do not readily accept. Why should we, when things were so good before? Read More

Wrinkles and Men

pierce brosnin

I don’t know many women who’d say that Mr. Brosnan is unattractive because of the lines on his face.

We have a pretty good idea of how most women feel about wrinkles, but not much has been said about men and their feelings toward those pesky lines. Read More

So What Do You Consider Beautiful?


The pout that so many women deem as perfection.

The Oxford Dictionary defines beautiful as, “Easing the senses or mind aesthetically,”  but that does not help explain how beauty is interpreted so differently by people in other parts of the world. When reading about beauty standards from across the world, it’s been fascinating to learn what people find most attractive. To add to this confusion one must take into consideration that there’s a big difference between men and women and what they deem beautiful. In the West, we have gone overboard in terms of enhancing our looks and creating these new-age standards of beauty. Although, some might argue that in other parts of the world, where running water and toilets are non-existent, the way in which some of these people mutilate their body—in an attempt to adopt a look they perceive as beautiful—is no different to what we, in the West are wiling to do in order to look good. But I beg to differ with this statement, especially in this modern age of social media, and the way in which these ideas are spread instantly and become an instant obsession and a must-have look so to speak. Read More

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