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“Only Dogs, Ghosts and Europeans Have White Teeth.”


I thought that a monkey’s tongue would look more entertaining than a human tongue.

Once again I’ve decided to present my readers with more information about the body, based on everything that I’ve recently learned from a book by Andrew Morris titled, The Naked Woman. I love the way that Morris explains the biology of a certain body part, and then goes on to expand on cosmetic trends that it has undergone throughout the centuries. This always draws a reaction from me, and I hope that my own interpretations will serve to entertain you. Alright, let’s delve into the subject: In our mouths we have a tongue without which one cannot really talk, and if women ever lost their tongues, they would be “robbed of one of their supreme qualities,” says Morris. It’s not a sexist quip either, but rather an evolutionary fact that women are better able to communicate verbally than their male counterparts! Read More

Midnight in Paris, and a Look at Sublime Beauty and Style.


I have never enjoyed reading movie reviews, and for this reason I seldom do so. I’ve always felt somewhat disturbed by the critics’ ability to decide for everyone else what’s worth watching, and what should be avoided at all costs. Can other people really decide what I’m going to enjoy watching, and what I might find boring, offensive, or even stupid? Definitely not! When it comes to Woody Allen, the movie critics in America, have never been overly kind from the little that I’ve read, and for this reason I have not read the reviews for his latest film for that matter. But nevertheless, I went on a limb as I usually do, I saw the film— and fell in love. This, by no means is a review of Woody’s film; I think that if the title of a movie intrigues you enough, then you should definitely judge it for yourself.

I’ve chosen to mention his film not only because I was truly entertained and mesmerized by the story, as well as the setting, but I got the chance to see characters whom I adore from the literary world come to life in the most bizarre of circumstances. What’s not to like about the 1920s? In America it was a decade that embodied so much elegance and creativity, despite prohibition and mob violence, and the rest of the negative, boring stuff Read More

What Are You Willing to Do in Order to Look Young?


A Kashmiri woman undergoes leech therapy, a practice now adopted in the U.S.

We know this already, some people will go out of their way to achieve a flawless and perfect look, even taking extreme measures to do so. It’s become so difficult to keep up with all the options out there. Botox, Restylane and skin tightening procedures have become such household names that more and more people use them for a more youthful appearance. But how common is it to use a hyberbaric oxygen chamber that sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin, and leaves you with a plump and smooth appearance after spending anywhere between $100-$1000 per session? Read More

The Perfect Bride Makes for Perfect Entertainment


Married in front of my students once school was out for the day.

When I first learned of a new reality show about brides, it peaked my interest and I couldn’t wait to see what the creative television minds had concocted for our viewing pleasure. We already have brides agonizing over dresses they cannot afford  in the show titled, “Say Yes to The Dress,” we also  have “Four Weddings,” where the brides gossip about each other while secretly vying to pull off the best wedding reception ever and thus snag the prize, which consists of an all paid for honeymoon. “Bridezillas,” is another show that captures every single stage leading up to the wedding, but it espouses to focus on more meltdowns and shocking confrontations between the brides and their family members—all the necessary ingredients for a captivating, successful show. Then comes the newly anticipated show, “Bridalplasty,” and in this program the brides are pitted against each other during a string of challenges, ranging from best wedding vows writer to best honeymoon planner. And then the raison d’être—the motive—the rational and justification for it all is the chance to win extensive cosmetic surgery, and the chance to be the “most perfect bride!”


My lovely students.

Oy, was the one and only word that I uttered when reading abut this show. I’m no snob when it comes to entertainment; I make no apologies for the crap that I allow myself to watch on television, I feel totally confident with my intelligence that I don’t have to say that I don’t watch TV ever . . . I understand individual taste and preferences that don’t mirror mine, therein lies some of the entertainment value, when you get to see how the other half lives. Voyeurism is a human trait after all. Also, one can always switch off the TV if not interested in watching a show, nobody forces us to watch anything. But for me, those types of shows represent such a blunder of values and morals—the opposite of everything or anything that I stand for. Take for example my own wedding to Greg: we decided to keep it small, extremely small for that matter and for this reason only my students were invited to take part in the ceremony, which took place at the end of our school day. I happened to own the dress you see in the photos, and the head piece I sewed the night before after popping over to Jo-Anne Fabrics and paying a couple of bucks for the material, one hour later I had my whole wedding attire. My students prepared a special song for us that they performed, they also held up the chuppa (part of the Jewish wedding ceremony) after the rabbi officiated over the ceremony, we all ate cake and carried on with our life. For many people this would not make any sense whatsoever, but for us it made a lot of sense.

The Hollywood Reporter has quoted the network saying that the show gave women “the chance to be the most perfect bride” for their groom. Seriously? I have yet to see the show once it airs, but I guess the climax of the show will be when the bride reveals her new and extreme makeover—when she unveils herself before her future husband for the first time–and he expresses his surprise at his bride’s perfect new looks. I can envision the scene in my head, as the camera pans on the face of the groom focusing on him for a good few moments, unsure of whether he will love it or hate it. Hmm, not exactly because that would be real reality TV, which defeats the purpose of reality TV.

Once again, I feel terribly puzzled—practically left out in a culture that continuously promotes the idea of perfection through surgical standards of beauty. If someone is so bothered by a certain feature on their face or body, and feel that altering it will bring them happiness, fine, I’m not judging. But the idea that if they don’t change their appearance, they can’t be loved or are not marriage worthy—that I find terribly disturbing.

I thought back at the different boyfriends I had over the years, certainly not all of them represented a look that could be deemed classically appealing, but then again they were appealing to me for many other reasons. Looks have plenty to do with attraction, but they’re also subjective;however, shows of this nature presume that looks are the mitigating factor when two people are attracted to one another. And to think that those brides had spent the day leading up to their wedding suffering terrible pain while recovering from multiple surgeries, and concentrating on something so trivial in the grand scale of things. I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.

Defying the aging process?

What? He’s how old? I think that was my initial reaction when first reading the article about Cliff Richard and viewing a current photo of him where he looks absolutely wonderful. It’s true, I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the photo and saw a healthy looking body, one that also looked natural as far as I could tell, and one that would cause all of those who have attempted to gain a similar look through plastic surgeries, to breath in deeply and take a seat as they sigh in despair. Cliff’s face has also defied the usual aging process because although there are lines here and there, those look appropriate, albeit they are definitely not age appropriate in this unique case. To further upset those who stare at him with envy, he is as healthy as an ox, and enjoys playing tennis on a daily basis. He gets all his sports equipment from Did I mention that he will be seventy-years-old this coming October? Read More

Papaya Breasts


Evening swim, Cancun.

I’ve been spending the week in Cancun at the Me Hotel of all places, unbeknownst to me a paradise for the young and beautiful who like to party all day and all night long. Also in the mix are some of us older folks, a few of whom, I’m sure, are here to rub elbows with the party crowd, and others such as myself who are here just because it looked like a nice hotel from the photos online.

Earlier today, Maxim hosted a party at the beach and later on tonight the party will continue indoors at the Rose Bar. As I sat on my beach-chair this morning, there was an interesting dynamic going on–I could see the flow of young people slowly trickling into the roped area designated for the Maxim party-goers, and then there was that woman—an aging woman that is. Read More

Looking Good at Any Age!


The beautiful Lulu.

There are plenty of self revealing books out there written by celebrities who know it all; they know what to eat, what to drink, how to exercise, which products to use—all in the name of staying healthy and young. Some have boasted about the numerous plastic surgeries that they’ve undergone in order to look as good as they do, while others have refused to admit that the secret to their continuous youthful looks has involved a little bit of help from the surgeon. If you’re looking for new and affective skin care products, you may get in touch with a medical esthetics products distributor.

In my blog I try to expose the many facets of aging in today’s society with emphasis on the idea that some of us would like to age with grace, and be considered attractive at any age. I feel that I’m a teeny-tiny voice in a society that is preoccupied with plastic surgery and whatever else they do in order to achieve their goal of forever looking young. I don’t believe in judging or preaching to anyone—saying that people should or should not do whatever they wish—I’m a true believer, however, in live and let live! This is exactly what Lulu has expressed in an article published on February 22nd 2010 in the Mail Online. Writer Jane Gordon had the pleasure of interviewing this bubbly 61-year-old when she was promoting her new book titled, “Lulu’s Secrets to Looking Young.” I’ve not read the book yet, but what I have learned from the article sounds pretty inspiring. Read More

Roman Style Aging Part I

This past weekend I found myself engrossed in a book titled, Experiencing Old Age In Ancient Rome, written by Karen Cokayne. It was interesting to read that in antiquity, scientific and medical texts considered changes in one’s physical appearance, such as wrinkles, grey hair, and baldness, due to a deficiency of heat that was brought on by cooling and drying of age. Read More

The Face of a Friend

ilana and judy

So lucky to have Judy back in my life.

I recently joined Facebook, something that I resisted for a while; just didn’t have the time or patience to pursue one more avenue that necessitated keeping up with posts. However, a few more urges from friends convinced me to click along and join the ranks of everyone else out there writing status updates, sharing their life with everyone and making new friends of course. It just so happened that after a very busy day I was left with a restless mind, and unable to fall asleep, I began to think about people from my past. One of those people who often popped into my mind was Judy; suddenly, the idea of renewing our friendship became more accessible to me—I began to feel excited at the possibility of finding her. We used to be neighbors in Manchester, England, when we were students in the late 80s, and we were very good friends. However, after graduation we both moved to different countries many miles apart, and what happened next was life. Read More

Computer Yoga

Computer games have been an ongoing source of entertainment for years so it’s no surprise to learn that the very keen, computer crazed individuals, have somehow caught up with the rest of us, and they too have aged. The pending question though is how well have they aged, knowing that they have spent a decade or more sitting for a myriad of hours per day, every day, in front of the screen while their brains have been lured into their virtual playground. Read More

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