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Scarlett Johansson, one of two Danish people I “know.”

Who knew that the Danish were not only great at making pastries, implementing income equality, and the world’s highest income per capita, which explains why they are also known as the happiest people on earth. Oh, but there’s more; it’s the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson, one of my very favorite fairy tale authors, and Scarlett Johansson, one of Hollywood’s sexiest bombshells is of Danish descent. However, these days the Danish are also credited with determining who are the most attractive people on earth? Yes, you read correctly, the Web is ablaze with articles about this new Danish website that only accepts membership from the most attractive people on earth. The site was developed in 2002 and has now spread across the globe. Apparently, those interested in joining have a 48 hour time frame in which other beautiful members of the opposite sex are then required to either, vote them in, or out of their elite club. I used the term “elite” because it’s not as easy to join as one would think; there have been 1.8 million people who have already been rejected from the site, and to date, there are only 360,000 exquisitely beautiful members on board. Apparently, the British have not been doing so well on the site, and only less that one in eight British men have been approved membership, while three in twenty British women have been able to join—Polish and Russian men have been similarly unsuccessful.


 Mr. Hodge and his wife. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—these two are certainly not what I consider attractive.

Beautiful People managing director Mr. Greg Hodge says that the reason the British have not done as well as others on this site is as follows: “I would say Britain is stumbling because they don’t spend as much time polishing up their appearance and they are letting themselves down on physical fitness. Next to Brazilian and Scandinavian beauties, British people just aren’t as toned or glamorous.”

On the other hand, 65% of Swedish men are usually accepted without any problem, while Norwegian women are deemed the most attractive of any other nationality. But that’s only the opinion of people on this site, it cannot possibly represent world view, it makes no senses to me whatsoever.

I believe in the freedom of choice, freedom of thought and probably all other freedoms for that matter, but anyone who opts to belong to such a club must be a complete narcissist. They’re proposing that great looking people should only date other great looking people, and that great looks alone will find them happiness and love. What nonsense, anyone older than twenty, at least, who is either in-love or has loved before, knows very well how much great looks actually have to do with being attracted to their partner.

I wondered how those 1.8 million people who’ve been rejected from the site feel about themselves and what it has done to their self-esteem? I was able to find some reaction online, from a few guys who were rejected from the site, most of them felt surprised by the outcome, never thinking they were unattractive. I don’t think they were serious about joining the site, it was more a case of curiosity rather than anything else.

Finding the right partner in life is a challenge in itself, without the added insult of being judged and rejected by a chosen few who have determined that you are not attractive enough by using their own convoluted ideas and parameters of beauty. It’s an enigma to me why anyone would want to place themselves in such a predicament, and be judged for their looks alone—only to be deemed either, worthy or unworthy of dating others on the site. The conclusion would be that they are only worthy of the affection of other “unattractive” people, and that is just completely perverted reasoning. I fear that perhaps the Danish owner of the site has never read any of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales—certainly not the Ugly Duckling.


My husband is British, I presume not attractive enough for the Beautiful People site, but plenty beautiful for me, always.

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