Natural but Imperfect?


Pamela Anderson looking beautiful and make-up free.

“Oh my goodness,” those were the exact words I happened to utter when reading a few captions about Pamela Anderson’s “unattractive-natural-look.” Once I spotted photos of Pamela, barefaced and natural, I obviously gravitated toward the article—after all—things of this nature are such a rarity as we have established many times before. When gazing at her photo I found myself looking at a portrait of a beautiful-natural-looking-woman (using the term natural from the neck up)—that’s right, I instantly turned into a Pamela supporter!


The younger Pamela.

In fact, before seeing these photos I was always of the opinion that she was rather vulgar looking, but the new photos revealed the opposite, perhaps because without the over-the-top makeup and hair I noticed her real looks for the first time. While it’s true, there were lines on her face, which I had never noticed before, why should the reporter have assumed that a forty-two year old woman should not have any lines in the first place? Photos of Pamela as a lifeguard on Baywatch obviously reveal a much younger looking woman—that makes her just like the rest of us.


Some photographers have made a career out of finding “flaws.”

The reporter from the Mail Online (not the most reputable source of information, I realize), used interesting words to describe Pamela: “She had leathery looking skin and a deep furrowed brow. She was a far cry from her prime days as Baywatch babe and playboy pinup.” Okay, there’s nothing new about this type of shortsightedness, or a distorted view of beauty, but I did get chills when reading this particular description of Pamela. I’m sure that reporters of this particular caliber are partially responsible for driving some of these actresses into the plastic surgeon’s office, as well as help mold the minds of young girls who uphold an impossible standard of beauty.

Pamela on the other hand has stated many times before that she has never had plastic surgery, neither does she go out of her way to protect herself form the sun. I’m not promoting reckless exposure to the sun, but this is one woman who I give credit to, because she does not give a damn about what everyone else is doing, and as far as I can see she’s aging quite beautifully.

IN any case, I can’t help but wonder how old this reporter is, and what they look like? I would’ve liked to compare photos from their youth and also photograph them from up close. When will people begin to see beauty in every age and every stage of life? And when will one woman’s “maturing” looks stop becoming newsworthy?




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