Where Are the Wrinkles at St. Kitts?


The pristine, empty beaches at St. Kitts.

I’ve spent the past week vacationing on the beautiful Island of St. Kitts, in the Caribbean. I was not very familiar with the Caribbean and as such did not really know what to expect in terms of weather either. Also, because I reside in Las Vegas, I tend to forget that other parts of the country and world are subjected to very humid weather conditions, especially during our summer time. So it’s no surprise that from the moment I exited the airplane, I was struck by a thick wave of humidity that I can further describe as muggy, sticky, suffocating and unbearable. I was beginning to regret the trip altogether.  Read More

Wrinkled Knees and Other Bits


Gorgeous, and who really cares about her knees?

In a recent article (Mail Online, 07.23.09) Claudia Connell, a forty something writer, published an article about saggy knees. Her focus was primarily directed at Elle Mcpherson’s knees stating that, “Her knees looked as though she’d spent the morning cleaning doorsteps and used a Brillo pad as an exfoliator.” Read More

More Wrinkles, Less Dates?


What makes a man attracted to a woman?

When researching the topic of what makes women and men attracted to each other, I came across a study that suggested that men correlated a woman’s age with her health. Read More

Blame the War

faces of soldiers

The different prosthetics the soldiers would wear.

WWI was no doubt one of the most horrific times in human history; the death toll and carnage were beyond belief, and most of the dead and injured were young. People who had hardly left their mother’s apron, now broken men with disfigured faces. There were thousands of them, and the ones who survived were nothing more than a shell of the person they used to be prior to the war. The ones who stayed behind carried the heavy burden of continuing with work and taking care of family, alone, while worrying about their loved ones. No one left this war unscathed. Read More

Who Likes Wrinkles Anyway?

ilana photo

That’s me, in my natural non-Botox appearance.

I don’t think anyone likes wrinkles, but how many of us are willing to accept them, or rather, wear them on our face without a care in the world? Diary of a wrinkle is blog that allows me to share my thoughts on a woman’s aging process from an appearance perspective mostly. So much has been said and done to educate us about how to combat wrinkles, and how to prolong our youthful appearance with magical elixirs and groundbreaking treatments, but what about those of us who prefer to approach aging differently? There are some women, I’m sure, who prefer to accept the aging process with a little bit of grace, perhaps not fret over a crease or two on their face or upper lip. However, I’m afraid to say that these days we are the exception to the rule—a minority in a world that seems to be obsessed with promoting the look of youth. Nevertheless, our ideas are valid, our voice is important and there needs to be a platform we can turn to in order to strengthen our desire to approach our age with a nonchalant attitude towards aging and beauty. Let me make one thing clear, I’m not an evolutionary psychologist, just a social observer with a keen interest in this subject matter. Read More

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