Defying the aging process?

What? He’s how old? I think that was my initial reaction when first reading the article about Cliff Richard and viewing a current photo of him where he looks absolutely wonderful. It’s true, I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the photo and saw a healthy looking body, one that also looked natural as far as I could tell, and one that would cause all of those who have attempted to gain a similar look through plastic surgeries, to breath in deeply and take a seat as they sigh in despair. Cliff’s face has also defied the usual aging process because although there are lines here and there, those look appropriate, albeit they are definitely not age appropriate in this unique case. To further upset those who stare at him with envy, he is as healthy as an ox, and enjoys playing tennis on a daily basis. He gets all his sports equipment from Did I mention that he will be seventy-years-old this coming October? Read More

Teri Hatcher’s Wrinkles


Teri Hatcher showing a frown lines.

After my crushing defeat the other day, during some heated online discussions about aging and wrinkles where I was heavily criticized for my positive point of view, of all things, I’ve decided to do a little bit more reading on this topic. I wanted to get a better sense of what else women have been discussing, and what kind of advice they’ve been receiving from fellow readers. I didn’t expect anything different than before, but my curiosity for the “herd mentality” that I have viewed so many times before, prodded me to look again. Read More

Papaya Breasts


Evening swim, Cancun.

I’ve been spending the week in Cancun at the Me Hotel of all places, unbeknownst to me a paradise for the young and beautiful who like to party all day and all night long. Also in the mix are some of us older folks, a few of which I am sure have come here to rub elbows with the party crowd, and others such as myself who are here just because it looked like a nice hotel from the photos Online.

Earlier today, Maxim hosted a party at the beach and later on tonight the party will continue indoors at the Rose Bar. As I sat on my beach-chair this morning there was an interesting dynamic going on, I could see the flow of young people slowly trickling into the roped area designated for the Maxim party-goers, and then there was that woman—an aging woman that is. Read More

Natural but Imperfect?


Pamela Anderson looking beautiful and make-up free.

“Oh my goodness,” those were the exact words I happened to utter when reading a few captions about Pamela Anderson’s “unattractive-natural-look.” Once I spotted photos of Pamela, barefaced and natural, I obviously gravitated toward the article—after all—things of this nature are such a rarity as we have established many times before. When gazing at her photo I found myself looking at a portrait of a beautiful-natural-looking-woman (using the term natural from the neck up)—that’s right, I instantly turned into a Pamela supporter! Read More

Botox, a Slippery Slope?



Alice Hart-Davis is hooked on Botox etc.

I’m almost certain that ten years ago articles on beauty and aging would never capture my attention. The subject matter was of no interest to me whatsoever, because aging had not become one of my concerns yet. This immediately confirms the fact that my readers could never be in their twenties or thirties for that matter—I can’t even remember the things that would peak my interest at that age.

Recently, a newspaper article that had caught my attention was one that I came across while reading the Times Online. The title of the article was: “Diary of a beauty addict: Blow-dries 7, Botox 2, facials 4.” It was an article written by beauty editor Alice Hart-Davis on how she got hooked on Botox, fillers and lash extensions—didn’t even know that those existed. Read More

Threatened by Wrinkles?

Picture 041a

When I used to think that Botox was a cure-all for aging.

A few weeks ago I had the unpleasant experience of becoming the target of an angry team of women, all of whom felt terribly upset because of what I had written about wrinkles. Their anger specifically stemmed from a few comments that I wrote in response to their comments on a skin care blog. From time to time I’ve been known to skim through the different categories on this blog, and respond to the plethora of issues they write about—those issues range anywhere from opinions about skin care products to treatments and anti-aging formulas. However, this time I came across a disturbing comment written by a woman who loathed the way she looked. She wrote that she was only 39 years old, but had developed wrinkles pretty much everywhere. She moaned about not having enough money for a face-lift so in the meantime she chose to hide from the public—she would go off to work in the mornings and upon returning home she would remain there most of the time. She was saving for her surgery, but until then this was her life. Read More

Botox at 16?


Miss Burge, the real life Barbie.

I’ve spent the past week racing around the clock and trying to abide by a specific time-frame for which to complete my next book. Nevertheless, I’ve peeked here and there at the different newspapers, always on the lookout for something interesting to offer my readers, and this time what caught my attention was the subject matter of teens using Botox. The very idea that people of that age group should even be remotely concerned over the appearance of a wrinkle is a bit of an enigma for me. Read More

Looking Good at Any Age!


The beautiful Lulu.

There are plenty of self revealing books out there written by celebrities who know it all; they know what to eat, what to drink, how to exercise, which products to use—all in the name of staying healthy and young. Some have boasted about the numerous plastic surgeries that they’ve undergone in order to look as good as they do, while others have refused to admit that the secret to their continuous youthful looks has involved a little bit of help from the surgeon.

In my blog I try to expose the many facets of aging in today’s society with emphasis on the idea that some of us would like to age with grace, and be considered attractive at any age. I feel that I’m a teeny-tiny voice in a society that is preoccupied with plastic surgery and whatever else they do in order to achieve their goal of forever looking young. I don’t believe in judging or preaching to anyone—saying that people should or should not do whatever they wish—I’m a true believer, however, in live and let live! This is exactly what Lulu has expressed in an article published on February 22nd 2010 in the Mail Online. Writer Jane Gordon had the pleasure of interviewing this bubbly 61-year-old when she was promoting her new book titled, “Lulu’s Secrets to Looking Young.” I’ve not read the book yet, but what I have learned from the article sounds pretty inspiring. Read More

Sigourney Weaver Loves Her Wrinkles


Sigourney Weaver at 60, still gorgeous.

It’s no surprise that when I come across any bit of news regarding someone, anyone, who accepts their wrinkles, I am intrigued. I admit that I need to hear it from others in order to help me accept my own sagging self. Such was the case when I heard 60-year-old Sigourney Weaver discussing the whole question of beauty and aging. The photo below reveals a very beautiful woman—and yes, there are lines in plain sight but I still find her to be exquisitely good looking. Sadly, when she was growing up her mother once told here that she was not beautiful, but that’s a whole other article for another time perhaps. Let’s stick to what she had to say about plastic surgery. Read More

Beautiful People Site

Scarlett Johansson, one of two Danish people I “know.”

Who knew that the Danish were not only great at making pastries, implementing income equality, and the world’s highest income per capita, which explains why they are also known as the happiest people on earth. Oh, but there’s more; it’s the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson, one of my very favorite fairy tale authors, and Scarlett Johansson, one of Hollywood’s sexiest bombshells is of Danish descent. However, these days the Danish are also credited with determining who are the most attractive people on earth? Yes, you read correctly, the Web is ablaze with articles about this new Danish website that only accepts membership from the most attractive people on earth. Read More

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