“Only Dogs, Ghosts and Europeans Have White Teeth.”


I thought that a monkey’s tongue would look more entertaining than a human tongue.

Once again I’ve decided to present my readers with more information about the body, based on everything that I’ve recently learned from a book by Andrew Morris titled, The Naked Woman. I love the way that Morris explains the biology of a certain body part, and then goes on to expand on cosmetic trends that it has undergone throughout the centuries. This always draws a reaction from me, and I hope that my own interpretations will serve to entertain you. Alright, let’s delve into the subject: In our mouths we have a tongue without which one cannot really talk, and if women ever lost their tongues, they would be “robbed of one of their supreme qualities,” says Morris. It’s not a sexist quip either, but rather an evolutionary fact that women are better able to communicate verbally than their male counterparts! Read More

Big Red Lips, Sheep’s Sweat, and Crocodile Dung.


The perfect lips?

I promised that I would write about the rest of the female body parts as so beautifully analyzed by Desmond Morris in his book, The Naked Woman, A Study of the Female Body. This time I’m happy to introduce one of my favorite topics, the female lips. If you’ve read either one of my books about wrinkles then you already know how I feel about the subject matter. But for the purpose of this blog, I will write about the author’s enlightening research, and indulge you with some very surprising facts as well as my own personal observations.

Humans are the only ones to have inverted lips in the animal kingdom. Primates for examples have the fleshy, shiny surface turned toward the outside, while ours is hidden from view. To answer the question of why our lips look different we must revert back to our evolutionary path. Morris explains that females have retained childlike features, known as neoteny, also a quality that enhances their appeal to males. For this reason their lips are more conspicuous, baby-like, thus drawing more attention to themselves. With the chimp embryo, the fetus at sixteen weeks old has a human-like mouth, sporting the big lips etc., but at twenty six weeks old those lips disappear and become dramatically thinner. However, with humans that initial fetal design of bigger, swollen lips is carried on. From an evolutionary perspective, the big lips serve us well when having to cling onto our mother’s breast to feed on milk.

Why do our lips still remain the same when we are no longer in need of our mother’s breast? Read More

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?


For years and years I’ve worn my hair long, mostly. What does this say about me?

Recently I read a book titled The Naked Woman, A Study of the Female Body, by Desmond Morris. The information in this book was tr5amendously enlightening as well as entertaining. I’ve chosen to write a few highlights from this book in order to peak your interest on a subject that you may otherwise think you know well but, really, if you are anything like me, then there’s so much more that you will discover that you don’t know, and you will want to read on. Things like why did we develop certain physical features throughout our evolution? What’s their purpose? Are they really necessary in this day and age?  It’s the type of information that will enable you to look at your body differently, and understand your own features. I cannot explore every body part in this article because I realize that readers respond better to shorter blogs, so I will write about one thing only, and in future blogs I’ll discuss other body parts. ( Warning, I still wrote a lot, but it’s so damn interesting!) Read More

Midnight in Paris, and a Look at Sublime Beauty and Style.


I have never enjoyed reading movie reviews, and for this reason I seldom do so. I’ve always felt somewhat disturbed by the critics’ ability to decide for everyone else what’s worth watching, and what should be avoided at all costs. Can other people really decide what I’m going to enjoy watching, and what I might find boring, offensive, or even stupid? Definitely not! When it comes to Woody Allen, the movie critics in America, have never been overly kind from the little that I’ve read, and for this reason I have not read the reviews for his latest film for that matter. But nevertheless, I went on a limb as I usually do, I saw the film— and fell in love. This, by no means is a review of Woody’s film; I think that if the title of a movie intrigues you enough, then you should definitely judge it for yourself.

I’ve chosen to mention his film not only because I was truly entertained and mesmerized by the story, as well as the setting, but I got the chance to see characters whom I adore from the literary world come to life in the most bizarre of circumstances. What’s not to like about the 1920s? In America it was a decade that embodied so much elegance and creativity, despite prohibition and mob violence, and the rest of the negative, boring stuff Read More

Bombs and Bloodshed, but Also Great Skin Products!

Kids at home 8 Aug 04 022

My husband Greg enjoying a bit of therapeutic Dead Sea Mud.

Okay, for those of you wondering what kind of a twisted caption I’ve chosen for this entry, what can I say, it’s a fact that Israel still deals with the sporadic bombing of its civilians—a tragic reality. But there is another reality in Israel that is seldom the focus when discussing this region. I have already expounded on the culinary attributes of Israeli food, and the laizess faire attitude toward aging, but recently I have also discovered that the very country, which others might describe as the hotbed for war and political unrest, is one which has slowly taken center stage as a world leader in the revival of ancient beauty and healing practices. It’s a contradictory notion if you ask me, but also one that stems from an inexorable necessity. Where there is so much tragedy, it is necessary to develop and thrive, and prove that politics and tragedy do not define the region, or its people.

Have you ever wondered what King David’s Skin looked like? After reading about the growing popularity of new age beauty and health solutions, based on ancient Hebrew remedies, I believe that David, although a red head, might have had really good skin nonetheless. Read More

The Harvard Experts Talk Skincare

Kids at home 8 Aug 04 013

The Dead Sea, excellent for your skin.

There is so much to read about when it comes to skincare—so many experts—so much advice that it becomes an overwhelming task, most times. In the same way that I feel bombarded by the plethora of products for our skin, unsure of what’s good, what’s bad; I feel just as confused and unsure about skincare information. Never quite sure what I should be reading, what’s reliable and what’s really worth my while. However, I decided to rely on a proven institution when I read The new Harvard guide to women’s health. This book was published in 1996 and I’m sure there have been many advances in medicine and knowledge since then, but some of the information which I read I found enlightening all the same, and now I’m going to share it with you. Read More

Aging the French Way


French chic.

I have girlfriends that come from many different backgrounds, all special in their own way, but my girlfriend Solange stands out from all the rest with her unique sense of style and fashion. She would probably cringe if she read this description of her, because she’d rather be known for her other, more profound qualities. But I continue to write about her in this light, because there’s nothing wrong with focusing on style and fashion even though there are plenty, more important things to write about. Solange, after all, is the epitome of a French woman who knows how to keep up her good looks, regardless of her age. Read More

As Long as There’s Hummus, Who Cares About Wrinkles?


Hmmm, you have no idea what this plate of hummus tastes like unless you’ve been to Israel.

Recently I spent three weeks in Israel and apart from enjoying good weather, and good food, I also enjoyed a good dose of healthy views concerning wrinkles or anything to do with a woman’s withering looks. First though I must emphasize that Israel has some of the best food that I have ever eaten. I think that this fact goes unrecognized for the most part, because they are not known for weird and unconventional foods that normally induce all food experts, and critics, to come in droves for a taste and analysis of this type of cuisine. Read More

What Are You Willing to Do in Order to Look Young?


A Kashmiri woman undergoes leech therapy, a practice now adopted in the U.S.

We know this already, some people will go out of their way to achieve a flawless and perfect look, even taking extreme measures to do so. It’s become so difficult to keep up with all the options out there. Botox, Restylane and skin tightening procedures have become such household names that more and more people use them for a more youthful appearance. But how common is it to use a hyberbaric oxygen chamber that sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin, and leaves you with a plump and smooth appearance after spending anywhere between $100-$1000 per session? Read More

“Stay a Girl – Cultivate Your Beauty and Retain Your Youth.”


Edna Wallace Hopper in 1910.

The quote that I used for the title of this article was taken from a press advertisement in 1926. It featured Edna Hopper Wallas, an actress who would end up gaining more fame and notoriety for her cosmetics, because of her unique ability to maintain a youthful appearance even well into her sixtieth decade. Read More

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